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E-MU SP-1200: Digitális Retrójövő örökség és az Igazság

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"The essential thing to note is that with the DR16, you decide what you want to do, you do it, undo it if necessary and try again, but once it is right you just get on with the next thing. With some systems it is very tempting to keep every option open absolutely as long as possible until the last moment before mixdown, and even beyond, creating not only vast quantities of data but a continuing air of uncertainty over every element of the project. The DR16 encourages positive decision-making, and when it comes to the mix, your recording will be perfect, because all the decisions you made were carefully thought out at the appropriate time, rather than put off until some mythical 'later'. And if there really is an option that you want to keep open, you can just make a copy of the segment and leave it in abeyance somewhere on the disk, until you are able to make up your mind."

Hasonló jó dologhangszer kontra számítógép terén

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Ez kb így jön ki a dobozból...Eléggé egybe van!


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