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Arturia Microbrute



a holnapi leleplezés előtti kedvcsináló


minden számban hallható szinti-hang Microbrute-al készült, forrás : http://www.gearjunkies.com/news_info.php?news_id=8773



- 25 Minikey keyboard – Octave up and down buttons allow for a full range of transpose
options – Monophonic Analog synthesizer

- Steiner-Parker multimode filter
.Low Pass
.Band Bass
.High Pass
.Bi-polar Envelope amount control
.Keyboard tracking

- Arturia’s famed Brute Factor – Voltage Controlled Oscillator

- Oscillator waveshapers
.Ultrasaw for creating dance anthem sounds
.Pulse width for creating thin nasal sounds or rich square tones
.Metalizer for creating harsh, harmonically rich sounds

- Overtone Generator
.additional harmonics, from 1 octave down to 5th up
.Sub-+5th spectrum shaper

- Oscillator Mixer (Overtone, Saw, Triangle, Square)

- Wide range LFO with 3 waveforms
.Saw, Triangle, Square
.Freq range from .1Hz to 200Hz
.Syncable to external sources, sequencer or internal

- ADSR envelope – VCA with GATE and ENV modes – pitchbender – Modulation wheel (can control filter cutoff or LFO amount)

- Mod Matrix – standard 1 Volt per octave
.Envelope Out
.LFO Out
.Ultrasaw modulator In
.Pulse width mod In
.Metalizer In
.Overtone/Sub modulator In
.Cutoff In
.Pitch In

- External Audio Input with Input level control – 1/8” headphone output and 1/4” audio output

- CV/GATE interface
.Pitch Out
.Gate Out
.Gate In

- MIDI Input – USB 2.0 Type B jack – Glide time control

- Step Sequencer
.Rate control knob
.Tap Tempo button/Rest input in record mode
.8 storeable sequences
.PLAY and RECORD modes
.Sync to external MIDI clock

- 12Volt, 1Amp Center pin + DC connector – Weight (1.750 Kg) – Dimensions (325x221x60mm)

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