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"studio speakers" 🤣






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"Guys, we're super excited about your feedback - 2,300 members in only two days. Wow! 
We've seen great feedback and while we won't be responding to every post, our product designers are all listening and taking notes. Be assured that we value EVERY idea. In only 3 years you guys made us the no 1 brand for synthesizers and we're now committed to achieve the same for DJ, Groove Boxes and Controllers.
Like with synthesizers, we believe we can easily bring down prices between 50-70% while also introducing great new features in line with our belief that we want to empower you so you can become the most creative you can be. 
We're currently working hard on our new DAW that we believe will combine the best of all worlds, while being completely free for you.
You can tell, we're stoked and this gonna be an amazing fun ride:-). Thank you for all your help.
Your DJ and Production Music Tribe 
P.S. We kindly remind you that Music Tribe celebrates a culture of mutual respect and courtesy - hence we won't allow any trolling, spamming, self-promotions or commercial activities. Unfortunately we'll have to remove any content or people that don't comply with those rules."

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