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They contain the names of the 1024 sounds of the Blofeld factory soundset 080223 allowing the selection of sounds by name.

Please consult the documentation of your sequencer or digital audio workstation or ask its manufacturer if your specific version supports these files.

The files and folders in this package are arranged into subfolders representing the folder hierarchy to place them into. The folder "Program Files" represents the folder where your applications reside in.

Cubase – Cubase 4, Nuendo 3 and derivatives. Older versions of Cubase and Nuendo might work with this script, too. Just traverse the folder structure by replacing "Cubase 4" with the folder name of your application and version.

Copy the folder "Waldorf" with its patch script into
    [Program Files]/Steinberg/Cubase 4/Scripts/Patchnames

Afterwards, perform the steps described in the Cubase/Nuendo manual to install the patchname script.


Cakewalk – Please consult the manual of your Cakewalk product to find out how to install the provided instrument definition file.


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