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Introduction to Modular Synthesis - The eurorack format


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Kirk Degiorgio returns with an Introduction to Modular Synthesis Video Series covering all the basics surrounding Modular Synthesis and how to get one hooked up and running alongside your current workflow.

Covering the ins and outs of Envelopes Generators / Filters / Sequencers and Sound Sources we have everything covered here if you are thinking of dipping a toe into the world of Modular Synthesis

Videos Overview
Tutorial 1 - Introduction

Tutorial 2 - Connecting a Module

Tutorial 3 - Integrating Modular With Your DAW P1

Tutorial 4 - Integrating Modular With Your DAW P2

Tutorial 5 - Integrating Modular With Your DAW P3

Tutorial 6 - Sound Sources

Tutorial 7 - Filters

Tutorial 8 - Sequencers

Tutorial 9 - Utilities

Tutorial 10 - Enveloper Generator

Tutorial 11 - VCAs

Tutorial 12 - Patch Example

DURATION 02h 06m
LEVEL Advanced





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