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roadmap (1.1 - 1.2)



Bitwig tervek, végre elkotyogták :)


The 1.1 release will have support for multi-VST outputs integrated with our device nesting feature. This means that a VST may embed other devices inside one of its outputs and you can save the whole package as a preset. In effect a VST with multi-output will work a bit like a native Bitwig device with the ability to nest other devices inside it. This functionality will be in the 1.1 release that we expect in the next few weeks.


Group tracks is something that we have mostly implemented for a while now but need more testing and a few small fixes and is planned for the 1.2 release (expected within 1-2 months).


1.1 will have the multi VST output integrated with our device nesting feature, and track groups will be the next big update following that in v 1.2. That's our short term roadmap.

- http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=259&t=413083&sid=626ead0209312bc43084a6620dfe5848

magyarán a multi-out VSTi támogatás itt kopogtat, a "group"-olás szeptember körül várható

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válasz erre a kérdésre

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1.1 újdonságai:


among (a lot of) other things:

devices: de-esser, multiband fx-3, note mod, note receiver, audio receiver..
vst plugins: output effect chains, side-chaining, routing for multi-timbral, multi-out plugins, and more..
other: improved sound quality and timing, grain size parameter, transient preservation mode, vastly improved track routing, tracks/chains/devices can be decativated (and for tracks, hidden), tap tempo, track crossfader, and more..
controller scripting: the list of improvements and additions are enormous..



"per-note MIDI channel" hozzárendelés viszont továbbra sincs

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Multi Out VST routing
New Timestretch modes
Free MIDI routing between channels – route track note output to any other track
Free Audio routing between channels
Access individual channels, VST outs, Drum Machine cells etc. as sources for routing (huge)
VST Sidechaining
VST effect chains
A whole lot of additions to the API
New devices – De-Esser, Audio Router, MIDI router, Note MOD etc.


1.1 nyílt beta egy hónapon belül (aha :D )
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Hol tart most a Bitwig PDC-vel? 1.0.4-ig kovettem. KVR-en olvastam vmit, h van nehany ms limit aztan eltoszodik az egesz. Illetve a send effekteknel fazis hiba uti fel a fejet.

Talan most 1.0.13-as verzio van. Ebben ki vannak mar ezek kalapalva?


itt: 1.1-ben:

For beta 4 I essentially rewrote the PDC engine to get calculated in the opposite direction of how we used to do it and in a generally more intelligent manner which makes it much more robust for complex routing scenarios and it also allows monitoring to be made with as little latency as possible. It also minimizes the delay between when a plugin is processed and when you'll hear it so plug-in GUIs doesn't get out of sync. This rewrite means that we had to re-check each point where we delay signals to compensate.

MIDI clock sync was one of the things we forgot to fix after the rewrite, didn't make it into beta 6 but we've fixed that one already for 7.

Other known issues related to PDC: (which only happens when using plug-ins which add much latency)

- note recording latency is off

- recording of clips in weird in the sense that the clip is writing too fast, for the resulting audio material however the timing is correct

- the visual feedback from the clip launcher is not compensated so it appears to switch to other clips too early

Hopefully we manage to fix all of those for beta 7

Apart from that everything else should be properly compensated including side-chains, audio/not routings, modulation routings, automation, transport-timing, vu-meters, note-indications, playheads, external effects and instruments...


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Ha jól értem akkor osx-en,windowson is tudok majd futtatni linuxos vst-t meg linuxon is osx/windows-os vst-? Mert szerintem ez egy nagyon nagy áttörés lenne!

Bocs ha nem ez a cikk tartalma.


Latency problémát szeretki felhántorgatni linuxosnál, már pedig az is megoldott dolog évek óta, csak épp studio verzióval kéne próbálni és nem desktrop verzióval.

Annak fejében mondom ezt, hogy ténylegesen áttörés lesz.

Azt is birom mikor osztják az észt, hogy linuxon nem lehet zenélni, már egy kapitalista elgondolású cég is a véleményemet osztja, lásd bitwig, ők meg csak nem fogják a bevételüket egy vakvágány miatt kockáztatni.

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This is possible. We've added some new devices that can take signal from any track or channel (eg VST output). You can add this device to the device chain and then select the source. This works for audio and MIDI and will be in the 1.1 release.

ok, szóval "midi-audio route"-olás is lesz hamarosan, kezdhetünk aggódni a PDC-miatt :D

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